Based in our Kendal office, Cumbria in the North West of England, we now have a fully functioning demonstration wall. With RTI, Control4 control systems, Rako smart lighting, Lilin CCTV, Systemline audio, Q Acoustics speakers and subwoofer, Amazon Echo and Nest thermostat we have a real showcase of all our products available showing not only practical uses for everyday life, but a bit of fun as well with ‘darts mode’, built in fish tank, spy camera and even a mini fridge! This demo wall is open to anyone, trade, companies, public, distributors or anyone interested in home automation technology, just get in touch to organise an appointment.


Well there certainly isn’t a shortage of things to talk about with our new Demo Wall Facility! We have a purpose built wall with Rako Smart Lighting controlling the spot lights running along the top, RGBW LED strip along the sides and pure white LED strip under the bottom plinth giving us the ability to create any lighting scenes to suite numerous ‘modes’ we have created. We have a Nest Thermostat which we’ve modified slightly so to emulate heating turning on,  it turns the fish tank red with some LED strip to represent a boiler.  2.1 Q Acoustics sound system providing atmospheric scenes to emphasise each of our ‘modes’ and giving the demo wall real impact. We have been creative with our Lilin CCTV cameras, one keeping an eye on our aquatic lodgers in the built in recessed fish tank, and the other positioned as a ‘spy camera’ not only showing our creative side but also demonstrating the practical use of a door bell press and the ability to check who’s at the front door.

Underpinning all this fantastic home automation technology we have two control systems, RTI and Control4, for control4 we have an in wall touch screen, a remote control and a navigator using our Samsung TV. For RTI we also have an in wall touch screen, remote control and iPad with a purpose made unique interface, come and see for yourselves which system you prefer. All the behind the scenes work is taken care of all you have to do is sit back, take a tour and explore.

As well as practical uses, we have a fun and just as rewarding edge to our demo wall, firstly our ‘dart mode’ where from the touch of one button lights, darts music and darts videos will all accompany your game as your step up to the oche, with a mini fridge built in for a cold refreshment. We have ‘Xbox Mode’ for all the gamers out there, where TV turning on, sources switching on your TV, low lighting with LED blue strip and sound level are all set at the touch of a button to create a truly epic immersive gaming experience. Finally we can show the home cinema capabilities of this home automation technology, switch to ‘Movie mode’ to have your lights set, TV and sources automatically switch and take your pick from your favourite films, with a sound system completing the full effect.

Finally we have Amazon Echo, which is a multi media speaker with voice control. We have integrated this speaker so that voice commands can operate our demo wall. Turn on your apple TV, activate ‘dart mode’, activate ‘Xbox Mode’, lighting and more! Come in and see for yourselves this impressive facility and get some ideas for your home.

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