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The benefits of home automation are simply infinite. From improving home entertainment to better protecting our property from security risks, the ways in which the latest home automation technology can help us are far reaching and truly impressive. At Infinitus, it is our mission to bring the benefits of home automation directly to you with state of the art technology and second to none knowledge of smart home installation.

Home & Office Automation

We serve both domestic and commercial properties to install the latest office and home control systems. Heating controls, air conditioning and data and communication tools are just a few of the latest smart home products that can make properties more secure, convenient and energy efficient.

Audio, Visual & Lighting

Automated ambient lighting to complete home cinema systems, the smart home technology now available can transform your property into a sophisticated and luxurious entertainment haven.

Home & Office Security

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of home automation is the added security it can provide. We can install occupancy simulation systems to reduce the risk of burglary whilst you’re away, and we have a wide range of automated CCTV solutions which allow you to monitor your home from anywhere in the world.

Infinitus Energy

Solar is and will remain the most viable way for homes and businesses to generate ‘clean’ electricity. We can help you decide if solar is right for you over the phone or email. No pressure, no hard sell. If it all looks positive, we’ll arrange a home visit to work out the details of your installation.

Starlink Satellite Internet

At Infinitus electrical, we’re driven by our mission to connect every inch of the Lake District and Lancashire with high-speed, reliable internet.

It’s with great pride that we share our latest milestone: becoming an Authorized Starlink Installer. 

Our infinite expertise

Smart homes are our speciality, we can advise on the best intelligent home systems to suit your unique requirements, and provide you with products from leading brands in the smart home industry. We have exclusive and trusted supplier status with some of the top technology brands, so when you turn to us for home automation installation, you can be confident you’re getting the very best in both technology and installation.

With intuitive touch screen interfaces and truly advanced automation techniques, we can transform your home into a sophisticated haven of convenient technology. Not only do many of our systems do all the work for you, from playing music or Blu-rays to switching lights on and off, but they can also help you to reduce your energy consumption and minimise your carbon footprint.

Bringing businesses into the future

It’s not just homes that can benefit from smart home projects, but commercial properties too. Offices can save on energy bills with clever automated central heating and lighting systems. Restaurants and bars can make entertainment a breeze with automated audio and mood lighting systems. Shops can protect their stock with advanced security and CCTV systems. From hotels, pubs and clubs to care homes and warehouses, the potential applications of automated technology are vast and could help businesses of all kinds to improve their service, save money and better protect themselves.

How could we take your home to the future?

No matter if you have specific smart home projects in mind or you’d like some inspiration from us, simply get in touch and let’s discover exactly how we could transform your property into a home of the future.

Is a solar power system worthwhile?

Use our Solar Calculator tool to get an estimate for the amount of energy you could produce from a solar PV array, the amount of income and potential savings.

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