Multi Room Audio & Video

If you can stream your music from the internet, why not stream your sound around your house?

With so many different technologies available, there’s never been a better time to look into a complete home audio system which will let you play music in every room. Infinitus can offer you a way to make your music as mobile as you are with a multi room audio system.


Multi room audio systems

There are a number of different ways to stream your sound throughout your home. Speakers can be installed in every room, even the bathroom, as discreetly as you’d like, and linked to your choice of audio player.

Choose from a basic system which allows you to play the same music through speakers in more than one room, or something more complex with a centrally located audio system which allows you to choose your music source and destination from a multi room audio control, which is usually in the form of an app on your phone or tablet.

A whole house audio system has evolved a great deal in the last ten years. It used to mean tearing holes in walls and floors to install miles of cabling, but with the introduction of wireless technology and digital music, that’s a thing of the past. Bluetooth, now fitted on virtually all smartphones and tablets, can send your music either to a bridge, linked to your home WiFi, which can then send the music on to your speakers, or simply direct to the speakers via your WiFi network, meaning minimum disruption to your home during installation. Whichever route you choose, you can be sure that the crisp digital audio will sound just as good as it would on a cabled system.

Because Infinitus are an independent and impartial multi room audio visual company, we can advise on the best multi room audio installation for your requirements. We stock products from Denon’s custom install Heos system, the ever popular Sonos brand of wireless music systems, Systemline’s 7 series with full integration of online streaming services, and Nuvo’s very adaptable systems.

It’s not just audio solutions which we excel at either.

We’re home automation experts, who can advise on and install:

Multi-room audio & video

Home cinema arrangements

Automated lighting systems


Home CCTV & security to keep your home safe

Occupancy simulation, to make your house look inhabited when you’re away

Home data & communication solutions


Heating controls which will keep your house as warm or cool as you want it, wherever you are in the world

Whatever you need your home to do, we can make it significantly easier with the help of a little automation.

AV home automation from Infinitus

You don’t want to be tied to one room, so why should your music? Get in touch with Infinitus to help set your music – and yourself – free with a smart home audio system. Contact us and let’s talk about how we can make your listening experience as adaptable as you are.