Office Automation

Office automation systems can have an amazing impact on the way businesses manage their energy consumption and security.

More and more businesses are beginning to really understand the benefits of building automation and are investing in smart office technology that will save them money and position them as environmentally conscious organisations.

At Infinitus, we’re incredibly experienced in office automation products and can provide the following services:

Recommend the most suitable commercial automation systems for your building and business
Provide regular maintenance to keep systems in excellent working order
Install entire automation systems
Train relevant staff on how to use building automation controls
Provide ongoing technical support

How can an office be automated?

Office automation systems are designed to better monitor and manage office space in order to protect it from damage and break-ins, make key tasks more streamlined and reduce wastefulness.


We specialise in setting up advanced security systems for offices and other business properties, which can automatically record when movement is detected and report back crucial information. For example, some security systems can intelligently detect break-in risks and alert the appropriate caretaker, which means that business owners can have extra peace of mind about the security of their property without the expense of hiring on-site security staff.

It is also possible to integrate security systems with light automation controls in order to give the impression to observers that your property is occupied and minimise the risk of break-ins. For businesses with staff that are constantly in and out of the office, leaving premises regularly unoccupied and vulnerable, these types of security solutions are incredibly valuable.


Streamlined working

Some office automation systems are designed to make key processes easier for staff. For example, some products have monitoring capabilities and keep track of things like water, electricity and heating usage. They then report back to business owners who can easily keep track of expenses and use data to influence future budgets.

Save energy and money

Automatic lighting systems for offices are designed to minimise wasted electricity by automatically turning on and off when people are detected in a room. Some systems can also dim lights to the most appropriate level for the time of day, which not only helps to save power but can also improve the comfort levels of those working.

Smart thermostats also work to minimise energy wastage, by learning from the behaviour of users to build a unique heating schedule that works with the routine of the office. Not only does this mean that users will no longer have to manually adjust the thermostat, but also that the heating will only be on exactly when it is needed. Since they can be remotely controlled, it is also possible to manually turn thermostats on and off via a smartphone or tablet, so that energy isn’t wasted on days when the office is completely empty.

Find your perfect building control system

If you’d like greater control over your office or commercial building, simply get in touch to discuss your needs and let’s find an automated solution that works in harmony with your business.