About us

Since our establishment in 2011, at Infinitus EAV we have been dedicated to creating homes of the future with the installation of sophisticated smart home technology.

Operating throughout London and Cumbria, we cover all aspects of home automation, from installation to maintenance and support, and serve domestic properties, offices and commercial buildings.

Our vision

Our aim is to be a trusted, reliable and approachable installer of the leading home and office automation products. We’re truly passionate about the technology we provide, and are dedicated to offering sound advice and outstanding customer service to our valued clients in order to make homes of the future a reality right now.

Our talented team

We have a team of incredibly talented in-house programmers and installers, which means we always have someone in the know at hand to deal with technical enquiries, installation and support. We’ve also developed our own home automation app, which acts as the intuitive nerve centre of all automated systems. Since customer service is top of our agenda, we designed the app to be incredibly easy to use in order to maximise the convenience of our automated products.

Competitive prices

Smart home technology doesn’t always come cheap, but we believe that future home technology should be made available to as many homes as possible today, which is why we keep our prices highly competitive. No matter the size of your budget, we’ll help you find a technology package that will bring your home into the future and even in the long term help you save money.

Home automation doesn’t start and end with installation; with so much advanced technology in your home, maintenance is incredibly important. For this reason we offer a range of support and maintenance packages to help you keep your technology in excellent working order, and deal with any technical hitches as soon as possible should they ever arise.

More than just luxury

Home automation systems can transform properties into truly luxurious environments. However, home control systems can offer more than just grandeur – they can make your home more efficient, too. By automating heating and lighting controls you can reduce the amount of energy used and cut down on your carbon footprint. Not only is this fantastic for the environment, but it can also save money on your heating bills. We often advise our customers to look at their smart home projects as investments; in the long term they’ll save cash as well as help to protect our planet.


The very best in home automation technologies

We’re proud to work with some of the world’s leading automated technology brands in order to bring our customers the very latest in home automation apps and products. Within our range you’ll see top names such as Fibaro, Demopad, RTI and Control4. With such a fantastic range of products on hand and the ability to control elements from your smartphone or tablet, we can develop a complete automation package to suit your lifestyle and environment perfectly.

For more information about Infinitus or to discuss your automation ideas, just get in touch and a member of our dedicated team will be happy to help.

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