Home Cinema Installation

Nothing feels more indulgent than installing a home cinema in your property so that you can enjoy an authentic experience every time you watch a movie at home.

Over recent years, with more and more automation technology becoming available, we have seen a steady increase in demand for home cinema installation and as a result, we have a huge amount of experience in these sophisticated smart media systems. We can provide:


Bespoke project design to suit your home and unique requirements

Installation of integrated or recessed projectors

Multi-room setups and hidden technology

Smart automated lighting and dimmable lighting

Installation of LED or plasma screens


Surround sound system and speaker installations

Soundproofing of cinema rooms

Benefits of home cinema installation

Custom home theatre systems give you the opportunity to indulge in an authentic cinematic experience, all in the comfort of your home. Every movie addict dreams of their own home cinema, and for families a cosy home cinema room is a brilliant way to bring the clan together for some quality family time. Although they take up quite a lot of space and can be rather expensive, home cinemas are definitely a worthwhile investment when you consider the incredible, immersive experience you’ll get each and every time you watch a film at home.

However, if a room dedicated exclusively to a cinema is simply not a practical option in your home, there are plenty of smart home entertainment alternatives. Although blackout facilities and a good quality projector and screen will offer the best cinematic experience, we can easily set up a complete home entertainment system based around a plasma or LED television in your living room.

In order to streamline and declutter your living space, we can set up an intuitive multifunctional unit that will let you say goodbye to traditional TV remotes and hello to simple, event driven commands. We can even hide your television away behind motorised blinds or curtains when not in use to create an even more dramatic viewing experience. With some clever automated lighting which can be programmed to recreate cinema lighting, you’ll still be able to achieve a luxurious cinema experience without sacrificing the practicality of your living space.


Leading technology

We work with some of the best home cinema and automation brands and can provide you with incredibly high quality technology to make your cinematic experience as good as it can possibly be. We work with Denon and Marantz, both of which are experts in home cinema hardware, and can offer a range of projectors and screens to suit your own preferences. We also have speakers and subwoofers from the likes of KEF, Kinetics, Qinstall, Origin Acoustics and Sonnance.

Contact us now to get started creating your own bespoke home cinema

We have huge amounts of knowledge on home cinema installation and can give you plenty of advice on choosing the most appropriate equipment for your desired setup. We can help you to design every detail of your complete home entertainment system and then make your vision a reality.